Media & Publications

Zu Gast im „Neue Wirtschaft“ Podcast

The „Neue Wirtschaft“ Podcast invited me to talk about gamification and Escape the BOOM. You can listen to it here.

Team building and remote collaboration with „Escape the BOOM“

How to grow as a team and have fun while defusing bombs together.
A field report by Marjoke Franken, María Berenguer and myself. Published in Projektmagazin 16/20 (English)

Liberating Structures für mehr Ideenreichtum

My latest editorial on Liberating Structures, published in Projektmagazin 11/2020

Also available: What I Need From You (Liberating Structure) in Projektmagazin’s method library (German)

Zu Gast im „Serious Games“ Podcast

Julian Kea invited me to his „Serious Games“ Podcast to chat about Escape the BOOM and Serious Gaming. Listen to it here. (German)

Das Pendel meines Vaters

An essay on complexity. My Contribution to the „Blog Parade“ of the PM-Camp Berlin

Material & Downloads

This is the growing section where I share the material that I designed and used in my workshops, trainings & talks. All material published by Michael Cramer under cc 4.0 Attribution Licence. Feel free to download.

Workshop Facilitation


Liberating Structure*

Download PDF


Liberating Structure*

Download PDF

Initiative Canvas

My template to facilitate group work for improvement measures

Download PDF

Ecocycle Planning

Because I like to introduce the Poverty Trap and the Rigidity trap in a separate step in my workshops, I created two template versions for this Liberating Structure*

I wrote an essay with a thorough description of this structure in the Projektmagazin (German)

Download version without traps in English or German (PDF)
Download complete version in English or German (PDF)

* for a description of these Liberating Structures check out or my essay on Liberating Structures at

Scrum & Agile


My illustration of the Scrum cycle as I use it in my trainings – now updated to the 2020 version of the Scrum Guide, including the commitments category

Download JPG

Agile & Scrum Factsheet

The 2-pager with the basic facts on Agile and Scrum

Download PDF


The Cynefin template I use in my seminars

Download PDF

Scrum Setup Canvas

A canvas I use in workshops and seminars to structure the initial setup of a new Scrum project

Download PDF

The same canvas with leading questions to guide you through the different aspects

Download PDF

Retros & Lessons Learned

Gut Feeling Barometer

My favorite tool to start a regular Retrospective

Download PDF

Timeline Retrospective

I like to use the timeline in Lessons Learned sessions for a longer duration, i.e. completed client projects

Download 2 Year Template PDF
Download Generic Template PDF

More Canvases

Project Canvas

The Canvas I like to use for Project Initiation, Kick-Off Events and Project Management Trainings

Download Project Canvas

Intercultural Project Canvas

A special version of the Project Canvas for Projects in an International / Intercultural Environment

Download Intercultural Project Canvas

Keynotes, Talks & Sessions

Additive Agile & Liberating Structures

The slides of my Keynote at the PM-Camp Munich 2019 (German)

Download PDF

Marble Scrummer

Session documentation of an exercise I designed for training scaled Scrum. Documentation follows.

Additive Agile

This is a talk I did together with Florian Lassan from EOS at the Agile World conference in Munich.
The proceedings can be found on the Agile World website.

Escape the BOOM!

Flipchart notes of the Bomb Defuser Retrospective Sessions at Play4Agile, PM-Camp MUC and Agile Game Night. Download the game at If you are interested in a fun and insightful workshop, just send me a note.

Escape the BOOM! Retrospective in a remote setting (P4A19)
Escape the BOOM - Flipchart
Escape the BOOM! Retrospective at #PMCampMUC
Escape the BOOM! Learnings at #AgileGameNight