Facilitating Agile

fa·​cil·​i·​tate (v) : (1) to make things easier (2) to help (something) run more smoothly and effectively (3) to create an environment where feedback, adaptation and learning can take place.
In organizations on their journey towards agility, facilitation is a critical activity and competency to enable success. I am an Agile Facilitator. Welcome to my website.


From individual project teams to entire organizations – I will facilitate your Agile journey with experience, empathy and passion. Together we will develop your individual solutions to continuously deliver value to the customer, create transparency and focus, foster a collaborative environment and have fun doing so. Because when it comes to project management, there is no „one size fits all“.


The facilitation of workshops and events is a true passion of mine. Enabling teams and groups to develop and agree new solutions around a shared goal is an art and a craft at the same time. And it’s extremely exciting – whether it’s a team retrospective or a big room planning or a hackathon with more than 100 participants.

& Talks

Over the years I earned a reputation of holding highly dynamic seminars, trainings and talks which are popular at conferences, companies and universities.

My current seminars include Agile, Scrum and working in distributed, intercultural environments.

About me

Hi, I’m Michael. I am an independent Agile Facilitator, Trainer and Coach. And I love my job. My homebase is Munich, Germany. I am passionate about Agile, fun at work, great teams, music, serious gaming and my family.


  • Born in 1972, Generation X
  • M.A. media computer science, completed studies in Furtwangen and Tel-Aviv
  • Working in the area of project management since 1998
  • Independent since 2004
  • Fluent in English and German
  • Life- and work-experience in the USA, UK, Israel, Austria, Nepal, Mozambique and Argentina
  • Certified Professional Scrum Master


Completed successful projects for more than 20 clients, especially in the fields of

  • software development
  • medical technology
  • additive manufacturing
  • mobile applications
  • automotive
  • public health
  • transportation & logistics
  • TV & entertainment
  • trade fairs
  • universities

Passion for Projects

Here are some examples of my work. There’s much more. Let’s have a chat…



This is my music and maker project, together with Mr. Saschmo Bibergeil.
Check it out at

Escape the BOOM!

This is a collaborative mobile game I created together with Achim Stremplat. I use it mainly for team building and retrospectives. And for fun.
Check it out at